SALVA Energy and Focus Softgels

CBD energy softgels have taken the health industry by storm, helping clients internationally perform at their best each day whether it is at home, in the office, or in their leisure time. CBD energy softgels, when paired with small doses of caffeine and taurine, offer incredible levels of focus that can help anyone stay energized despite life’s challenges.

CBD Energy Softgels To Boost Focus and Include CBG, Taurine, and Caffeine


Everyone can use an extra boost to their energy levels. As the demands of life continue to pile up, there are very limited solutions that are both safe and effective. CBD energy softgels and CBD energy pills offer potentially life-altering results that are free from the impairment that has been associated with the cannabis plant for so many years.


CBD Energy: Explore the Wonders of CBD and CBG Yourself


The cannabis plant has been misunderstood for decades, and while some consumers might associate it with a negative stigma, the truth is that it has so much to offer the everyday consumer. THC has grown a reputation as a recreational drug, but truthfully the cannabis plant has been misunderstood, and its wonders have yet to be fully uncovered.


SALVA CBD and CBG Energy & Focus Softgels offer an innovative mix of energy-boosting supplements and two remarkable cannabinoids that have been known to boost focus levels and raise energy without ever feeling high or “stoned.'' By isolating specific cannabinoids that are free from the psychoactive THC compound, consumers are able to leverage the health benefits of the plant while avoiding impairment in an easy-to-consume softgel.


Consider consuming one of SALVA’s CBD+CBG Energy & Focus Softgels to perform better in the gym, stay focused throughout a long day at work, or even during competitive video game sessions. Take one softgel in the morning with food and pay special attention to the effects throughout the day. Many users report being able to remain focused. Whether it is work-related demands in the boardroom or on the construction site, these softgels can help you stay in the zone and perform at your best.


There are truly no limits to what CBD and CBG energy softgels can offer the world.


CBD Energy: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


The number of products and resources available online can leave consumers confused and overwhelmed. SALVA remains committed to helping our customers find the perfect product for their needs by providing answers to commonly asked questions. Find answers to the most pressing questions regarding CBD energy products.


How Does CBD Give You Energy?


CBD and CBG are remarkable cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, isolated to offer therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive cannabinoid known as THC. Over time, product offerings from the plant itself have evolved to offer impairment-free solutions that harness only the therapeutic benefits of the plant. The end result is a softgel product from SALVA that can increase a consumer's focus and energy levels, helping them to achieve their absolute best both at work and at home.


Are CBD Energy Pills Safe?


Yes. CBD and CBG cannabinoids are unique in that they are incredibly safe to use, with subtle benefits that can be safely experienced at work or on the go. Many consumers report feeling more focused, with gentle effects that are both calming and energizing.


Why is CBD Good for Energy?


CBD is a unique cannabinoid that offers a wide range of health benefits. Every person’s journey with CBD and CBG is entirely unique to them and instead promotes overall wellness. One of the most important aspects of using CBD is an improved night’s sleep, helping anyone wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. By promoting overall wellness, many consumers report being able to stay focused throughout the day, able to avoid digital distractions and instead help them perform at their best.


When CBD is paired with common energy-boosting supplements, the end result is a product that can help anyone take on the challenges of life. Stress levels are often decreased with small but regular consumption of energy-boosting softgels, while further CBD use in an isolated form can help people properly recover from a long day with a great night’s rest.


Where to Buy CBD Energy Softgels?


The SALVA online store offers a wide range of energy-boosting products including CBD and CBG softgels, along with isolated CBD products including oils, softgels, and edibles.


CBD Energy From SALVA


Try Energy & Focus Softgels offered by SALVA for yourself and see increased levels of focus and energy that you never thought possible.


Suggested use: Take one (1) or two (2) softgels daily.


Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking any medications. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor.


KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH. Store in cool, dry place.


This product contains a total delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.2% on a dry-weight basis.


Have more questions? Reach out to SALVA directly and find a product that is suited exactly to your needs. CBD and CBG products are remarkable tools and can offer a wide range of health benefits that have been overlooked for many years. See what SALVA Energy & Focus Softgels can do to improve your everyday life.


Ingredients: 20mg of CBD, 10mg of GBG, 100mg of Caffeine, Taurine and Vitamin B12, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Gelatin, Glycerin, Beeswax, Lecithin (derived from soy) and Purified Water.