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Explore SALVA specialty products that embrace a wide range of consumption methods and help you feel however you wish.

The SALVA Difference

With quality at its core, SALVA products are crafted from the most exceptional plants the world has to offer.

Consumption Methods Tailored to You

Explore smoke-free consumption methods that avoid the harmful inhalation of smoke and toxins.


Experience for yourself what premium and smoke-free SALVA products can do for you.

How to use our products

Simply drop a single bead of SALVA oil into your favorite food, smoothie, or beverage, and enjoy! Expect to wait at least two hours for the effects to be felt. A drop under the tongue can ensure effects will be felt even faster.


“Really loving the offerings from SALVA, many of their products stand out from traditional offerings on the market!”
- Stacy

“Ever since I’ve gone smoke-free I can feel the difference in my daily life. Thanks, SALVA!”
- Alexis

“I’ve trusted SALVA and they have delivered on quality. Big shout out to their customer service team!”
- Eric

“Not only can I feel the difference of premium SALVA products, but I can also taste it too. I love the gummies, fam!”
- Ashley